1. Diflucan (fluconazole) could be made use of by individuals diagnosed with fungus infections of the lungs, esophagus, mouth, neck, abdomen and blood, and also vaginal yeast infection. Ensure you follow all the instructions but do not take a dual amount unless recommended or else. Take this medication precisely as recommended without exceeding the dosage or taking much less compared to really needed. Taking even more might result in an overdose, with aberrations being regular, and if you take much less your infection could not be treated entirely. Dizziness, looseness of the bowels, hassle, stomach pain, and heartburn ( pyrosis ) are the most typically mentioned moderate side effects of Diflucan. You are not expected to mention them to your doctor right away, as in many cases they just vanish alone. If any of these side impacts alter or persist in strength you could really need an amount change, so a physician's assessment is called for.